jueves, 22 de abril de 2010


In early Apri we visited again HYPOHEALS school in Gulu.

The aim was to bring new computers and photographic as well as conducting a workshop on photographic composition and how to develop photographic projects.

The result was highly satisfactory and again the young participants had the opportunity to improve his technique and ideas.

The equipment provided included:

  • • 2 laptops
  • • 2 analogical Canon SLR cameras
  • • 1 canon digital SLR camera
  • • A negative scanner
  • • A number of chemicals for developing BW
  • • Batteries for cameras
  • • A Webcam and various computer accessories
  • • 50 analogue compact cameras
  • • A Metz 45 flash with bracket and TTL Minolta camera
  • • Rechargeable Battery Charger

Certainly the possibility of having a meeting space for the development of educational and cultural activities is certainly enriching the lives of these young people.

Also, we have succeeded in developing two collaboration agreements:

With the NORTHERN INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS STUDIES (NIBS) represented by the manager and chairman respectively Omona Aligech Venis and George. The school will begin using the lab BW in our facilities for free and in return will provide training in photography to students from HYPOHEALS.

With Asanti AFRIKA DANCERS (AAD) and Jimmi Onen as his representative who is intending to install alongside students from HYPOHEALS an Internet café that will generate some revenue as well as allowing direct and constant communication with the Association HYPOHEALS.

We acknowledge the indispensable collaboration:


We also have to necessarily highlight the donations of equipment by:

  • Borja Luque Pardo
  • • Maria Grandes Mora-Figueroa
  • • Natalia Ardanaz
  • • Mary Palacios and family
  • • Aritz Gorostiaga and family
And of course a big THANK YOU to all the new members who have contributed their bit through their membership to make this project succeed.

Thank you very much to all and warm regards from all students

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